Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania, moved to Denmark at the age of 18. About a decade later I relocated to Milan to study a Master in Fashion Collection Management at Accademia del Lusso, which I recently graduated with honours.

I am an experienced merchandiser and fashion product developer, who has been working in developing and purchasing collections for more than 6 years. I discovered the creative part of the job to be highly appealing to me and therefore I put a lot of my focus there. Luxury fashion segment has always had my interest and I believe that I can contribute to a sustainable and fair collection development and sourcing.

People describe me as a goal-oriented and open individual, who is passionate, enthusiastic and self-motivated. I see myself as a straightforward person, and I thrive in a progressive and fast-paced environment.

My main goal is to contribute in creating the best product lines. I believe, the greatest results are achieved in a close teamwork between the designers, merchandisers and suppliers – I am an experienced link in this chain.